Blast Hero Review

For those who enjoy the excitement of combat with an adrenaline rush, the blast hero style of an online role-playing game is an excellent choice. Players take on the role of an ordinary boy who lives in the peaceful town of Silent City, but with immense powers – enough to actually single out the biggest threat to the peace of the town, which happens to be a giant robot. This hero must learn how to defeat this dangerous foe in order to save the town and everyone in it. The game starts with the hero taking control of the party and heading for the front lines in search of information on the upcoming battle with the robot.

Everything about Blast Hero is very interesting and full of action-packed fun. Players take on the role of a typical young boy who enjoys the life of a normal teenager. They have soon put in charge of the local guard force as well as the local security forces, with the added responsibility of keeping the peace in the town. The hero is given tasks to do in order to achieve these goals, which range from investigating mysterious disappearances to going undercover as a hitman. As you play, choose carefully to have the upper hand against your opponents.

Blast Hero is a top-down tower defense game where the player takes on the role of a boy who is on a mission to protect the town. The boy has two weapons at his disposal – a machine gun and a laser pistol. These two weapons are of use against the waves of attacking robots that come pouring in every which way. The hero is faced with a variety of enemies, each stronger than the last. Some of the lesser tough robots may be killed by one shot, but some are resistant to all forms of attack including the machine gun.

To win the battle and retain the honor of the town, the hero must learn to adapt to the changing conditions around him. When an enemy bot is killed, the hero must continue to fight without putting his defenses on full alert. Only when the situation calls for it does he have to make a concentrated effort to defend himself since otherwise, the entire operation could go smoothly into disaster. Each level is full of missions and challenges that will make even the most skilled war hero’s skills grow. The more the number of levels the greater will be the challenge.

The objective of each level is to clear it within a time period and win the game. Time controls the flow of the game and helps the player strategize and learn to master the various techniques that take place at each level. The more time the player has to complete each level, the better he gets at preparing his character for future attacks. The blast hero is the best character to suit such an objective because he is equipped with a machine gun that does not need to be reloaded, enabling the player to save on ammunition and avoid using up valuable time in reloading it.

The game is full of shooting action and adventure but it is balanced enough so that playing the shooter part does not cause too much difficulty in playing the other parts. Playing as a blasted hero forces the player to think on his feet. The hero can move quickly from one side of the screen to another but he cannot get behind any objects or shoot through the ones already there. This means that one needs to plan ahead and anticipate the moves of the enemies before going for the kill. The player can also increase the score by making sure that the enemies are killed right away and that the goal of the level is reached before proceeding to the next level.

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