How To Play The Prison Empire Tycoon Game

In Prison Empire Tycoon, the role of the prisoner is very important. In this strategy game, there are many ways in which you can increase your energy points, and thus improve your chance of escape. As you advance to a higher level, you also find that handling prisons will be tough. Prison Empire Tycoon guide can help you handle prisons, increase productivity from every cell, enhance security and unlock more high-sec prisons. It is recommended to use a guide that has been created by professional Prison Empire tycoons.

The Prison Empire has different levels of difficulty. The first level is “Normal”, this is for people who have not yet started a business and need direction. For those who have already started their business and are looking for some tips for prisoners, this is the one for you. When you play Prison Empire Tycoon, you have to make a character to manage the prison cells, prisoners, and every aspect of the prison administration.

If you want to make money, be sure to keep the prisoners happy. This is a very important part of Prison Empire Tycoon. Without prisoners, there will not be any income. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that you build enough prisons and employ enough guards to make sure that the prison is safe from attack by other prisoners. If the prisoners get out, they will not have enough money to buy food from vending machines, therefore, without sufficient income, there would be no money to pay the guards.

To unlock more information about how to increase your income, see the Secrets of Powerful Prison Management. Also, buy the Best Weapons and armor in the store. Get enough money to buy your own weapons, so that you can increase your productivity in the game. It is important to buy the best weapons as soon as possible because they are very useful in fighting against stronger monsters. Also, buy armor and clothes for all of the prisoners. Once you have enough money, you can buy the best armor and weapons of the other players, who are also trying their best to earn points and money.

It is recommended that you make some improvements in the prison before you start earning money. See to it that the bathrooms and kitchens are clean and that there is enough food supply for the prisoners. Improve the hygiene level of the cells and the kitchens so that there will be no more problems in gaining points for hygiene. If you find any problems with the hygiene, try to solve them quickly, or the other players might take advantage of this situation and gain more money from you.

If you think that the prisons in Prison Empire Tycoon are still easy, then you need to think again. There are many things that you need to do to make the prison dangerous for the prisoners. First, hire a guard dog. A guard dog will protect the prisoners at night time and in the daytime, it can protect them from any danger.

When the prisoners get sick and if the hygiene is not enough to keep them alive, then they can be treated with the Prison Sector Treatment Center. This center has a doctor who is qualified to treat and heal the prisoners. The doctor will be able to upgrade the health bars of the prisoners and they will also get a cell bonus for each level of treatment that they receive. If a prisoner does not get a cell bonus of 10, then they will lose one point from their health bar. Once the prisoner gets a cell bonus of 20, then they can expect better things from the prison.

The last thing to do is to hire guards to serve as your protection. You can also put in guards on the entrances of the prison and on the exits as well. Having guards on the entrances will prevent any inmates from escaping. In the meantime, the guards will be doing random checks on the cells to see that the inmates are still being treated well and are receiving proper nourishment. The guards will also be watching to see if any prisoners tried to escape. These are the main things that you need to do if you want the Prison Empire to be a success.

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