How To Make Gold And Get Rewards In Merged Gardens Game

Merge Gardens by Futureplay Games is an online free merge game developed and continues to get updated versions all year round. In the backdrop of an empty rural countryside plantation lies a dilapidated garden just waiting for you to bring it back to its former glory. There are two paths you can choose to take in merging this garden with that of another. One path allows you to start from the beginning and merge the gardens; the other allows you to start from the very beginning and merge any existing gardens you may find on your way. Once you start the game, you will immediately be shown a list of available gardens you can merge. Select the ones you want to combine then all you need do is follow the on-screen instructions.

To start merging eggs, the first option is available. When using the drop-down menu to set your species to breeding, creatures will be automatically transferred to your farm. You have a choice of which animals to keep; fry, gerbils, and chickens are just some of the few you can keep along with the required breeding female.

The second option, puzzle merging, will allow you to choose which creature and plants you would like to use. Again, when selecting which plants and animals to merge, a shortlist of available breeds will be displayed. If you wish to increase your options, you can always view the full gallery of creatures to see which ones are already placed where you want them. This type of free-to-play puzzle game has many levels, so beginners should start with the easier levels first as it is quite difficult to start off with the more challenging ones.

Another option, an in-game currency called money can be used to purchase various objects for merging gardens with. The money in money is equivalent to the market value of the creature that you want to buy, so you can spend as much money as you want without worrying about its value decreasing. Each creature has a certain number of money available to spend; the more money that is available the more expensive the creature will be. Once you have enough money in your account, you can unlock the creatures for harvesting.

A very simple way of spending your money on the Merge Gardens game is by buying gold coins. Gold coins are obtained naturally by harvesting creatures. Once the harvesting is done, you can then gather the gold coins from the creature. The gold that you will get from the creature is not fixed however; it is only the amount that the creature will yield after you sell it. You earn gold every time you sell a creature, and also receive XP in addition to the gold coins that you will earn.

Once you finish up with a level, you can then go back to the level to begin harvesting and selling the objects. There are three objects in each garden; you will notice that some of them do not have any mobs or monsters around them. These objects are used to restore the garden to its original state. These objects cannot be harvested, but they can be restored using restored items. You can use these objects to re-create the object back to its original state and then sell or restore it.

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