Robbery Bob 2: Gold Rush – Play The Game On Android Mobile Phones

Robbery Bob 2 is finally here! He is back again! He is sneaky and silly and he is back to play the part you loved him to do in Robbery Bob 2! Your favorite thief, Bob is once again up to his classic tricks in a brand new game for you on the Nintendo DSiWare.

In Robbery Bob 2, you will play one of the characters created by the very funny writers, John Krasinski and Jason Torchfield. This time, Bob has been hired by Gingerbread Security to retrieve something that belongs to a certain Mr. Copperfield. When Bob fails to deliver on time, Gingerbread assigns his double duty. He must assist security guards with their daily rounds, then help Bob sneak around security guards as well as the boss and his henchmen.

Double duty doesn’t seem like much but when you find out what you’re supposed to do and how it changes your whole life. Now that you have double duty you will need to complete tasks in double time. Each level of Robbery Bob 2 has forty levels so you must be quick to beat all forty levels. You will be asked to perform a task before moving on to the next level. This is where I think the game starts to get a little frustrating because the sooner you complete the task the more money you win, but as we all know, the more you win the more you lose.

Now that you have completed all the main quests in Robbery Bob 2, you must go through some tough obstacles. These include, but are not limited to, locked doors, gas stations, helicopters, and many other obstacles that are thrown your way. When you get hit by one of these items you are forced to restart and that is definitely not what you want. However, if you have the skill, you can try jumping through a gas station window, or another difficult item is thrown your way in order to complete the level.

Once you have beaten the level eight ab, you will move on to the third level of Robbery Bob 2. This time around things is different. There are two new shops, which give you money as you shop, so this time you need to make sure you stock up on weapons, and items to level up quickly. Also, there are two new thieves, which will join you in your adventure.

The two thieves, namedzy and pimp, will join you along with two new partners. These partners are named Aerobiologists and jones. You will need all of your inventory items on the ground and also refill your energy meter by getting hit by an object or getting high traffic spots. If you do not do this much inventory activity in the game and just hang out, you will find it very hard to get items and money on the ground.

The good news is that this is not the end for gameplay robbery bob 2. After beating the eight score you move to the next level of this fun action game where you will see a cut scene. In this cut scene, you will see that you have won the first fight against the robbers. However, they have now also defeated you and taken over the island. They have now placed the jewel on your island.

The final level of the gameplay involves going up against the boss of the island, which is named Big Bob. He is armed with mines and always comes close to your location. This makes it very hard for you to run away. If you want to continue with the action, you just need to make it to the seventh level of this mobile game Robbery Bob 2. This is where the true gameplay takes place because you can now use your abilities to break the glass of tables and other objects in order to disable the guards.

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