Subway Princess Runner Review

Subway Princess Runner is an obvious clone of Subway Surfers, offering many similar levels across a colorful tile-based world. Like most games in this genre, you begin by selecting one of several glamorous girls who you guide through the subway tunnel to arrive at your destination. In this game too, you are a young woman with a green shirt, who in addition to your job as a sandwich shop worker must navigate your way through the subway tunnels to reach the final platform. The only difference between this game and the many that have come before it is the music and the style of game-play.

The endless running game involves your girl running to the finish line in order to get a ticket to go on a tour. To do so, she must traverse a series of platforms and jump from platform to platform. The background music is upbeat but pleasant. It fits the overall theme of the game. This makes both parents and children, regardless of age or level of physicality enjoy this endless running game with its bright colors and cute music.

As you try to avoid an oncoming train, you’ll notice many interesting objects strewn across the landscape of the subway princess runner’s path. Different events are activated by these different items and they can help you make your way through the tunnels and avoid an oncoming train. These include power-ups such as a vehicle that will instantly turn you into a bike or a coin which will allow you to dodge an oncoming train.

You can also purchase power-ups from the in-game marketplace, although they are not always available. The controls for this endless princess running game are simple and responsive. In the game itself, you will need to collect items, run through the levels, avoid an oncoming train, jump over hurdles, and collect power-ups along the way. On each platform, there are colorful icons that represent items that are required for the completion of a level. For example, if you want to collect a red item on the platform where the orange icon is located, you’ll need to collect the red item first before proceeding to the next platform.

When you complete one level, another platform will open up and give you more obstacles to avoid and power-ups to use. You can use the power-ups to shoot out large platforms that will reduce the amount of time it takes you to complete the level. Along the way, you’ll meet your fallen love, who will sometimes join you in an attempt to rush past the oncoming trains. When you meet up with the happy couple, they will wish you luck and join you in your quest to become the best subway princess runner in the world.

The graphics are very nice, and while they are a bit simplistic in comparison to other games, they are still fun and provide the game with a charming sense of charm. Most of the time, the background is made up of a colored background, but when you score a goal, the background changes to a nice pattern of stars. It’s nice to have variations of the same motif for all the levels, which makes a collection of the coins and double-tapping the screens a lot of fun. While most people might consider this game too easy, I cannot help but think that the difficulty of the game is increased due to its addicting quality. This is why I encourage everyone who loves playing endless runner games to try and unlock the secrets behind this one as soon as possible!

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