Traffic Racer – A New Career in an Endless Arcade Racing Game

In Traffic Racer, Ty Coughlin has concocted an incredibly clever viral marketing program. The game allows you to choose from a range of wacky costumes, each with its own set of helpful powers. You can also purchase an array of cars, each with different abilities. The more you level up, the more you become capable of driving your own car. By leveling up you earn in-game money that you can use to purchase upgrades for your car or buy new outfits.

You can also buy cars and outfit them with upgrades. In this light, Traffic Racer is a car-modding simulator that lets you experience what it’s like to be a professional race driver. Earn enough money and buy the best car, drive it around the tracks and earn the most money. When you beat the clock, you automatically earn a trophy. If you fail, then you will be forced to lose a little money but if you win you will be rewarded with the two-way mode which allows you to drive and race against opponents online.

In addition to the exciting vehicle-based gameplay, Traffic Racer offers a free ride time trial. During the free ride time trial, you are allowed to explore the map and take part in all the activities available. As you progress through the time trial, the in-game clock gradually increases and it eventually reaches the maximum time limit of 60 seconds. At this point, the clock will change to the normal time and you will need to have another boost to take you to the next level.

The endless one-way and three-way races are both available during the free trial period. These modes allow you to complete the tasks in one go and earn the maximum amount of money while doing so. You are even able to purchase upgrades for your vehicle as you progress through the games.

There are a number of events available including the truck chase, circuit racing, and the escape from the police. Each of these offers several challenges, requiring new cars and upgrades. Each level has numerous challenges, such as the truck chase, circuit racing, and the escape from the police. It is possible to play alone or compete with other players online who are signed up as members of the Traffic Racer website.

This arcade-style driving game is suitable for players with an avid desire to earn cash. Although you may start off by racing solely on foot, there are enough levels to let you take part in the various driving scenarios. If you like the idea of combining driving with other challenges, then the endless arcade racing with new cars and trucks feature is worth checking out. With a little bit of work and patience, you’ll soon be racking up points and earning cash for the player.

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