Mini World – A Flash Game Review

Mini World, the free browser game, is a side-scrolling browser game that has you controlling one of many minor characters in a fantasy world that mixes elements of fiction with reality. Mini World is an intriguing RPG-style game where you take control of a minor character and embark on their exciting journeys across the lands of the lost. The land is populated by mythical creatures known as Mini-Medallions that assist your hero as they progress through their quests. Your hero starts out at level 1 and gains experience points (EXP) when they accomplish various tasks, much like in an RPG.

You can level up faster by equipping yourself with weapons, spells, armor, abilities, potions, and more. There are also several other things to learn throughout the mini world, such as new fighting techniques, magical abilities, and trades. Once your hero reaches level 10, they are able to hire new characters into their army of warriors. You can also purchase new weapons and armor from shops in your mini world.

The game has a multiplayer mode that allows you to play the game with others who have downloaded the game or own the flash version. In order to play in multiplayer mode, you will need to visit the online Multiplayer Character Select screen where you will select which character you want to join your cause. You can play the game using a keyboard or using the arrow keys and the mouse. Using a keyboard will make your moves and attacks move across the mini world block art more quickly.

Mini World also has several other features including a level editor, a lobby that lets you view your level list, and several other neat features. You can also buy items, beans, costumes, and other items to transform yourself into different characters. To do this, you must first visit the “missions” section of your mini world block art. You will then be asked to choose an item, which will change your character into that item. There are also several levels in which you can get coins and special blocks.

If you enjoy playing the Sandbox game series, then you will love playing Mini World. Unlike most of the other sandbox games, in this one there are no graphics and all the action happens in the flash. This is great because it means that your computer doesn’t have to be updated to support the latest graphics technology. Plus, you can still enjoy playing this game without having to wait for a new update to get the graphics because the game runs perfectly on the older versions of both Mac OS X and Windows.

Mini World is a flash game that is relatively new, but it already has a large fan base. Due to its simplicity and the ability to play it by using only a keyboard, its popularity is expected to continue to grow. People of all ages, from elementary students to middle school students, are enjoying playing this online game. Another plus is that, since the game is free, there are no advertisements to distract you from playing Mini World. If you have some time, why not check out the online version of Mini World?

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